Brazilian bloggers in Berlin – Welcome to the III EEBB 2016

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Back in 2010, when I started my first blog, it was only a hobby, to talk about my impressions of the life in Germany and to keep my Portuguese writing skills updated while learning another language. Time passed by, I’ve created two personal blogs, deleted them, created other two, and now, seven years later, who’d say that I’d still be here in Germany, persisting in this adventure called blogger life. And even better, that these blogs would be already “grown ups” and I’d take them to a great event for Brazilian bloggers in Europe, the EEBB.

Foto: Luis Felipe Minnicelli
Foto: Luis Felipe Minnicelli


Between 11th and 14th November 2016, I attended to the 3rd EEBB (Encontro Europeu de Blogueiros Brasileiros; in English, European Meeting of Brazilian Bloggers), with other 59 colleagues, in Berlin. The EEBB happens since 2014 – the first edition took place in Barcelona, with 18 bloggers, and in 2015, with 42 bloggers in Porto. The event is organized by one or more Brazilian bloggers from the host city. In Berlin, the three bloggers responsible for making it happen were Nicole Plauto, Pacelli Luckwu (Agenda Berlim) and Claudia Boemmels (Brasileiros Mundo Afora).
The idea is to connect bloggers, exchange experiences, stories, share knowledge. After all, blogging is mostly – but not only – about producing content, because there are people behind what we see, read and share. This face-to-face interaction is essential to enrich our work and make it lively.


On Friday, 11th November, I arrived around midday at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central station). The next step was going to visitBerlin`s desk, to pick up my 48-hour Berlin Welcome Card. The package included: tickets for public transportation for 2 days, city map, and discount coupons for touristic attractionsNice way to welcome the guests, visitBerlin. 😉

Welcome Card by visitBerlin
Welcome Card by visitBerlin

In the afternoon, the meeting point was at Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz, where I joined the early arrived participants for a city tour through Kreuzberg and the colorful Maibachufer market with Nicole from Agenda Berlim. In the evening, we had the first big meet-and-greet and tasted craft beer at The Circus Hostel. Lucky me: besides the free pass for a house made a glass of beer –a gentle and delicious courtesy to all participants – I took the lucky number in the sweepstake! Despite the small luggage for a three-day-trip, I managed to find some space for the cool small beer mug, and for the great Bierkruger.



As a blogger, there’s a moment you stumble into a point: either to stay where you are and accept this is a hobby, and that you’ll write for fun, for the family and friends. Or, the second option, to make it professionally, which means: to register a company (if you take some income from the blog), taking care of every detail and technical issue, make it all looks good, wonderful and functional. But how to manage all these things? This is why the talks are an important part of the event, to which the organizers invited professional and more experienced bloggers to talk about specific topics, bring new ideas and good tips. Many of the subjects are familiar to us, and part of our work routine, but still, a challenge.

On Saturday, we had the day full of talks at Microsoft Berlin Atrium. The topics couldn’t be more relevant: SEO, how to establish partnerships, how to turn the blog into a company and so on. To start the day, the nice Mr. Ampelmann Berlin was also present, all in red and green, on the back of our chairs.

The speakers, in this following order were: Daniel Duclos, from Ducs Amsterdam, on “the blog as company” (because once again, producing content is a lot of work, and we also have to manage bureaucratic work, forms, bills, e-mails…); Erick Weicker (Euro Dicas) about SEO tools and improvements: Juliana Guimarães (Eu Ando Pelo Mundo) and Rita Branco (O Porto Encanta) telling their cases on how to develop partnerships with bloggers; the couple Priscila Roque and Rafael Boro (Cultuga) explaining about content production and in the end, a round table about social media with Camilian Pereira, (Destino Munique),  Isabela Discaciatti (Italia per Amore), Leticia Dietlheim (Viva Viena), Gisele Almeida (Viajar pela Europa) and Suzana Paquete (That Good Trip), moderated by Rode Veiga (Entre Duas Culturas).

The event’s partner visitBerlin also made an exciting presentation to arouse our curiosity about the capital. Berlin has grown as most wanted travel destination in Europe every year. In the afternoon, EEBB’s partner Get Your Guide presented themselves and their interesting cooperations with bloggers.

Foto: Luis Felipe Minincelli
Proud to see my visit cards at the bloggers’ table. Foto: Luis Felipe Minnicelli

By the way, thanks again to the event’s partners for the delicious coffee and lunch breaks in between our intense nine hours of learning, listening and making notes.

In the evening, the group gathered again to cross Berlin’s streets like an enthusiastic school excursion to Scandic Hotel Potsdamer Platz. There we were welcomed with drinks and a varied dinner buffet offered by the hotel. Our properly prepared tables were distributed all over the salon. Some bloggers brought souvenirs and gifts from their cities to be raffled. Curiously, at the table where I sat, girls only, one by one, took the raffle numbers. And again, guess who got the number? Yep! This time I got a stylish bubble gum pack from Noir Berlin.


What a fresh start in the day! After a whole day of blogging education, Sunday started with a visit to Panorama Punkt Berlin at Potsdamer Platz. The weather couldn’t be more appropriate: cold, absurdly sunny and no cloud on the sky. Like we say in German, “Kaiserwetter“. Just the way I love.



In the afternoon, we split into two groups for different tours with Nicole and Pacceli from Agenda Berlim. Some followed Pacceli in the historical tour. I chose what ended up being the girl’s group, guided again by Nicole through Mauerpark and Berlin’s Jewish quarter. Thanks to Nicole, for showing us so many representative places and telling us the history behind them. Berlin’s stories are a constant blend of contrasts: war, peace, joy, melancholy, old, new, traditional and cool mix up under your eyes on every corner you turn. For me, that is what Berlin such an incredible place to visit.


Before taking the bus back to Hamburg in the afternoon, I finished my EEBB-Weekend at Noir Berlin store. The shop is specialized in licensed products by the artist Thiery Noir such as mugs, t-shirts, Berlin souvenirs, and even their own drink. But there is another special thing you will find at Noir: the Trabi tour. You can take a ride around some blocks inside a 1982 Trabant, also known as Trabi, the only car available in the DDR (Eastern Germany). It was so cold outside that the boys had to pull the Trabi before one of the tours hehe Amongst all modern BMWs and MBs, ride inside the small Trabi is definitely a worthy experience that almost feels like a time travel.



So, time to go home. With a lot of gifts in the bag, new friends, and ideas in mind.

It was an amazing weekend: to meet other bloggers whose work I’d already been following, share our ideas, experiences, and to see how blogging has been taken to another level. Nothing less than 11 partners got into the journey and believed in the III EEBB. And we also had the excelent work made by photographer Felipe Minnicelli. So thank you <3 and wow!! to the three organizers who orchestrated everything to make it happen: Nicole Plauto and Pacelli Luckwu (Agenda Berlim) and Claudia Boemmels (Brasileiros Mundo Afora). I can’t wait for the next EEBB this year, in Paris. In 2017, the meeting will be in the hands of Renata Inforzato (Direto de Paris) and Martinha Andersen (Viajoteca).

Even if you can’t read Portuguese to follow these bloggers, take a look at their Instagram accounts. And if still, you’re willing to understand what we talkative and creative Brazilians write so much about on the internet, go to Google Translator (on your own risk) or ask that Brazilian friend to help you. 😉 And once again, all my lovely thanks to the partners.



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