Coffee Break #3 | Nobel’s Brood (Doordrecht, Netherlands)

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I swear I won’t talk about cafés only, but this one is special. It was chosen by grandma on her last vacation here. After taking a walk by the charming small Dordrecht, we decided to take our strategic break for some coffee. We stopped at Nobel’s Brood, near the Grote Kerk church. Despite Nobel’s Brood’s page and menu are written in Dutch only, everyone could speak English and the service was great. Fortunately, in Netherlands, you’ll find smiling nice people almost everywhere.


Besides a café, Nobel’s Brood is also a bakery, and a mini shop with typical breakfast items, such as milk, juices, and local home made jams. Their website is also cute, and its colors and fonts follow the same style used in the decoration. The variety of whole grain breads is attractive, but I picked up a piece of apple pie.

Address: Grotekerksbuurt 53, 3311 CA Dordrecht

Opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7:30h to 16h and Sundays, from 09h to 00h

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