Smates and the mistery of the mural

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Late June, while walking on the streets of Ghent, I see this impressive mural at Jan van Bergenhstraat. I passed briefly by it, but I saved the picture with the address in it so I could search later who was behind the artwork. The holy images and the fire indicated it could have something to do with World War II, but let’s go do research to be sure.


So I find out this beautiful work was made by the Belgian artist Bart Smeets, or simply Smates, known by other equally interesting murals. Most of his graffiti works are in Belgium, but Smates has already started to leave his mark in other European cities. Men, animals and the interaction between both are some of the most present themes in his work.

The mural which attracted my curiosity is from 2014 and was a commissioned promo for the movie “The Monuments Men” (who watches the movie will understand its relation with the mural).

Two of his famous works are the giant shark in Brussels, and the mural “The Hunt”, this one made with the artist Steve Locatelli for Expo 2015 in Milan.

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