For the travelers: Mime et Moi and the sandal with different heels

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A common problem when packing the bags is to know how many and which shoe pairs to take with. It has to be comfortable, so you can walk around all day long, but – if possible – it should also look good, in case you want to go out at night. But taking a different pair to every situation is not possible (and for me, not fun either – the trip is about enjoying your time as much as you can). With that idea in mind, the German startup Mime et Moi created sandals whose high heels can be changed.

Dois pares de sapato em um
Two pairs of shoes in one

Flat sandals for the day, high heels at night

There are five types of heels, which can be changed by using the same system: you release the lock hidden on the outer sole and pull out the heel. Then you fit in the new heel, step on, putting some pressure on your toes and then on your heels until you hear a click, and lock it again.

So far there are only sandals available, in different colors and prints. A pair costs between 175€ and 205€ and if you want to purchase more heels, they’re also sold separately. For travelers, an important question is: are the sandals comfortable? Yes, I found them quite comfortable. The insole is soft enough and you don’t feel there’s a lock under your heels.

In general, I liked the sandals. The idea is great and very practical, especially for travelers who don’t want to spend a lot of time packing and choosing shoes.

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