Songs and drinks – a short list for all tastes

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Jamiroquai Seven Days Sunny June

Tanqueray e Stella Artois, “You Know I’m No Good

Once I passing by one of the several bars in Hamburg, and I see a green bright bottle, named Tanqueray. my clicked, I knew that: Amy Winehouse’s unforgettable voice in the first lines of “You Know I’m No Good”. But Amy didn’t hide her bohemian style in her lyrics, and in this same song, she mentions the Belgian beer Stella Artois. Until nowadays, almost 10 years after this his breaks through, I still can’t look at these drinks and not remember the song.

Gin and Tonic, “Supersonic

Now you have your Tanqueray, what about preparing gin and tonic? In 1994, Oasis sang about one of every Summer’s favorite drink, whose most recipe takes gin, tonic water, and lime juice. But even with a history dating back over two centuries, in the last years, other ingredients have been added to this drink, such as fine spices, herbs, and fruits.

Mint julep, “Trying to be Cool

I never understood exactly what Phoenix meant by “mint julep testosterone” (once upon a time in school, when I used to be an excellent Literature student) but why not try the basic recipe? Bourbon, mint, sugar and ice. Originated in the Southern USA, mint julep can be tasted with some good old bluegrass, or if you want to be”cool”, with Phoenix’s electro-pop ballad. By the way, this video is pretty nice!

Whiskey in the Jar

Talking about whiskey…who doesn’t remember Metallica‘s insane party? Although The Dubliners’ version is also great!

Wine, “Wine in the Afternoon” e “Seven Days in Sunny June

One of the most popular beverages in the world, wine is good in any form: red and intense, like Franz Ferdinand‘s rock, or white and light, for the warm days, like Jamiroquai‘s pop.

Franz Ferdinand "Wine in the Afternoon"
Franz Ferdinand “Wine in the Afternoon” (Photo: YouTube)
Jamiroquai Seven Days Sunny June
Jamiroquai, “Seven Days in Sunny June” (Photo: YouTube)

Sex on the Beach, “California Gurls

Another worldwide famous cocktail, sex on the beach is colorful and sweet, just like Katy Perry‘s song. The formula consists of orange juice, vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.

Pink Lemonade

For the ones who don’t want strong beats and tastes. Lemon juice, water, and cranberry syrup, to disguise the sourness, like in the lyrics by The Wombats.

And if in the of the night this whole mix up doesn’t work, you better not get too drunk like in that Dead Kennedy‘s song, or run around saying you are not drunk at all. 😛


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