SONO live in Hamburg

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The band

SONO is a German electronic music trio that got very popular back there in 2001 with the song “Keep Control”. Although they’re not a new band, I’ve just discovered them recently, after listening to their new single “Twist in my Sobriety” on the radio.

Last week SONO played here in Hamburg (by the way, their hometown – cool, right!) at Nochtspeicher, a warehouse from the XVIII turned into bar and concert hall. The gig was part of the release tour of their new album “Backyard Opera”.

SONO live in Hamburg
SONO live in Hamburg

Actually what took me to the concert was not that song in special, but the casualty to see the advertising, listening to three of their songs, like it and go to the concert. Only after having my tickets in hands I found out they sing the song I liked (which is a cover of a hit from the 80’s).
About Nochtspeicher

mariadeluxblog_sono_live_hamburg_nochtspeicher-3I love the energy around music festivals, but smaller places are a much better option to see the concert. And Nochtspeicher has a great atmosphere. Its brick walls and wood pillars look so beautiful under the colorful lights, creating a mix between the old warehouse and the modern music and instruments around. Nochtspeicher is located in a smaller street parallel to the famous Reeperbahn. Its name comes from Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse, where it’s located and Speicher, which means storage house in German. To find the place’s entry at a first glance might not be easy (thanks, Google Maps) – the name is a bit hidden. Once you get in, to get to the tickets box, yo have to walk through a corridor, which makes you feel more curious about what that place may look like. Take a special look at the arch over the stairs on the way to the restrooms. The yellow lighting and bricks give it all a mysterious look.

How was the night? It may not be that exciting to go to a concert without knowing most of the lyrics, but SONO has good dancing songs and went home feeling sympathy for them. Some songs are already in my Deezer playlist. And Nochtspeicher is really worthy if you like intimist gigs and good drinks. Just pick a concert and go, even if you don’t know the band.

Nochtspeicher bar
Nochtspeicher bar

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