Coffee Break #4: Pudding, a café inspired by Harry Potter (Barcelona)

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Our guest for today’s Coffee Break is Monica, from De Cafe Por Barcelona blog. We’re going to visit Pudding, a café inspired by Harry Potter’s universe.

An idea that started at the 3rd EBBB meeting and now starts to gain life: besides the cafés I show here at the Coffee Break session, I will also have guest bloggers telling us about a special café in their cities. Our first guest is the sweet Mônica Barbosa, writer of the blog De Café por Barcelona. She is expert in cafés and bakeries in this city I love. There couldn’t be a better way to start receiving guests for Coffee Break posts. So, here she goes. 🙂


Having a coffee in Barcelona is already a great program. But, even better than that, if you have a coffee at Pudding, it will be a wonderful experience. Let’s see the place?

Pudding is not a traditional café. Instead, its concept is innovative; the idea is to offer a creative space for all, either children or adults. What matters is that everyone feels comfortable here and enjoy the moment inside this space.

Pudding opened first at Ciudad Condal, at Calle Pau Claris, 90. Its decoration takes us to a world of fantasy, to enchanted woods. And almost a year ago, at Avenida Diagonal 515 we can enjoy the new Pudding Barcelona, whose decoration is inspired by Harry Potter’s movies. Character’s fans will be marveled by each detail. This is undoubtedly another ludic space where the kids can play, draw on a giant board, play with board games and books. Meanwhile, parents can take some coffee, talk and read.

I’ve been often at Pudding practically since its opening. I like to spend some time there, have some coffee with friends, or come with my family. I like it so much that when I decided to write a blog about cafés in Barcelona, I already had in mind that my first post had to be about this place.

If Pudding’s interiors attract us, its menu wins our hearts. Homemade, good quality food, prepared with natural ingredients purchased at local producers, to establish a compromise with responsible consumption.


A variety of sweets and pastries make it hard for us to choose, but the best about it is, no matter what you try, be sure you won’t regret. I am particularly crazy by the pastries. Oh! the cakes, small portions of delight, to fill your mouth and travel to your soul. And if you want to know which one is my favorite: white chocolate cheesecake, a sinful bite of gluttony. However, I always allow myself to try other flavors. There are so many delicious things, why should I miss the chance, right?

About our guest

mônica_de_cafe_barcelonaI’m Mônica, I’ve been living in Barcelona for 11 years. I love this city and all leisure options it offers. In the last three years, I have written at De Café por Barcelona, a blog about one of my passions: gastronomy. If you want to know a bit more about all the flavors and interesting places, follow me on social networks.

Facebook: @decafeporbarcelona
IG: @decafeporbarcelona
Snapchat: @decafebcn
Twitter: @decafebcn


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