Rafaella Vilafranca

I was born in Rio, but I live in Germany since 2010 with my husband Raphael – yeah, Rafa and Rapha, no joke. 🙂 Currently, I also write the blog Viagem Hamburgo, in Portuguese language.

Curious, and always ready to travel, watch a movie, or simply hunting good new music, I’m constantly searching for interesting stories, things, new places. And from this collection, Maria de Lux was born in August 2011.

“The world is right there, and a bit of it here” and “what´s good, what’s beautiful, what makes feel good”. This is how I described the blog back there when I started it, and this is still the spirit.

And I’ll share with you here and on Instagram, some of these findings.

Answering some questions…

  • What, or who, is Maria de Lux? A pen-pal (oh, does it still exist??), an imaginary friend, a pseudonym for a poet-wannabe? NO! When I started the blog, in 2011, I wanted a short name, which could be easily understood in Portuguese and English, but would not be obvious or restricted to a specific subject (because the blog has always been this mixed up thing). After some lists and cut off names, finally came out Maria de Lux.
  • And why don’t you turn your two blogs into one? For now, these two blogs are different projects. Viagem Hamburgo is written in Portuguese language only, and it’s very specific about Hamburg and Northern Germany. It’s a professional site, for my work as touristic guide. Maria de Lux, on the other hand, is a personal blog, where I share my other travels (not related to Hamburg) and things I like. But who knows, in the future, they’ll become one website.

contact: mariadeluxblog@gmail.com

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